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Why Shiga Kogen Guide?

Shiga Kogen Guide exists to connect the excellent ski/outdoor adventure area of Shiga Kogen and the wider Nagano Prefecture with international tourists desiring experiences in the real Japan. We discovered that very little information in Shiga Kogen was provided in English, and what information did exist only served to market individual hotels or businesses. We bridge that gap, providing you with information on the area, transportation, and making hotel/activity reservation so that you enjoy a hassle-free holiday. We guarantee to give you the same prices as listed on hotel booking sites while providing you better service and breaking through the language barrier. We also have professional guides and itineraries to give you an in-depth and fun local experience. Welcome to Shiga Kogen and thank you for allowing us to facilitate your adventure in Japan.


Seiji Kobayashi was born in Tokyo. Both his father and grandfather had grown up in Nagano Prefecture, however, and took him to the mountains on holidays. During his university years, he couldn’t get enough of skiing in Shiga Kogen, coming every Winter and working as an excuse to ski every other moment he could. Even in the summer, he continued coming to Nagano for its alluring mountains. Seiji remained in Tokyo for several years after university working with his father, but continued to visit Nagano whenever he could.

Preceding the 1998 Winter Olympics, Seiji worked for a publishing company making guidebooks of central Japan. Living the stunning array of adventure, food, scenery and hot springs in and around Nagano, he decided work in the tourism industry helping other people experience this amazing place for themselves.

In 2012, he began working for a hotel in Yudanaka Onsen at the base of Shiga Kogen, just as the Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani became popular and a wave of international tourists began visiting Nagano. However, he noticed that the largest and highest elevation ski resort in Japan, which hosted many of the 1998 Winter Olympics events, was barely affected by the Snow Monkey’s popularity. Knowing that Shiga Kogen too would be a popular winter holiday destination when marketed properly, Seiji decided to start Shiga Kogen Guide with his business partner Daniel and is the CEO. He also serves as the president of the Sushi Washoku International Academy.


Daniel Moore was born in Atlanta, Georgia, when at just 7 months old his father received a master’s degree scholarship at a university in Nagano Prefecture. After living in Tokyo for several years Daniel’s family moved back to Nagano for their remaining years in Japan. This is when he remembers first experiencing a love of the mountains.

In high school Daniel’s family returned to the United States, where he attended high school and university, receiving a tennis scholarship and studying international business. The travel bug had already bit though; Daniel completed two international exchange programs during his time in university, learning 2.5 languages. Upon graduation,he couldn’t turn down a job offer from a company in Kenya. He worked there for two years, deepening his passion for travel and his thirst for adventure, traveling overland from Kenya to South Africa by bus before leaving Africa.

Daniel returned to the United States, where he wanted to put his Japanese to good use. He became an interpreter and hiking guide for Japanese travelers. The opportunity soon arose to go to Japan when a hotel in Shiga Kogen needed a bilingual staff member. The hotel’s location just 2 minutes away from the slopes was a significant incentive. He returned the next year to work at the same hotel as Seiji, beginning a long-term friendship and partnership.

Daniel now works as a tour leader for Walk Japan and serves as the Managing Director of Shiga Kogen Guide.

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