Nagano Station Guide

You will see this upon arrival in Nagano Station (after exiting the ticket booth). For the Nagano Dentetsu Line towards Yudanaka Station (see timetable here), Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park and Shiga Kogen go right towards the Zenkoji exit. See Access page for more information.


There is a Beck’s Coffee and Tourist Information Center on the opposite wall, just 20 meters after exiting the ticket booth.



This is what the hallway looking towards the Zenkoji Exit looks like.


To purchase tickets for another leg of the trip, go to the ticket office on the right hand side of the hallway. Note: please make sure you have sufficient time when purchasing your onward tickets in advance.


For transfers to local JR train lines (non-shinkansen lines) turn right out of the ticket booth and walk 50 meters. The local train line entrance is on the right hand side. There are JR trains departing Nagano Station for Nagoya, Matsumoto, the Kiso Valley, Myoko, Hakuba, Iiyama, Karuizawa and a host of others. Please see the Access page for more information. Note: This is not the same line as the Nagano Dentetsu Line towards Yudanaka Station.


Continue walking towards the Zenkoji Exit for Yudanaka Station (see timetable here), Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park and Shiga Kogen. Go down the escalators on the right hand side of the walkway.


Turn left and then go down another set of escalators towards to the right towards the Nagano Dentetsu Line.


At the bottom of the escalator, turn left towards the Nagano Dentetsu Line.


You will find yourself in this area. Go to the right side where the ticket machines are located. Press the English button for English instruction. Purchase your ticket to Yudanaka Station. Note: If you are traveling on an express train called the Snow Monkey Express (marked in red on the train timetable), you must purchase an express ticket for an additional ¥100 per person. You can push the “Purchase Fare & Express Ticket” button to purchase both.


Enter the ticket booth and hand your ticket to the train officer (no automatic ticket machines yet). Go down the stairs (or elevator) to find your train.


For Those with Extra Time in Nagano Station

Go towards the Zenkoji Exit side and you will find a shopping mall called Midori with entrances on either side of the hallway. The right side is a department store, the left side has omiyage (gifts) and various restaurant options.


Hot dog stand for a quick snack.


Sake bar. Enough said.


Go up this set of stairs to find the sit-down restaurants (visible from the hot dog stand and the sake bar).


Row of sit down restaurants with various options.


Again towards the Zenkoji Exit side, before you get to the Midori department store you will find this set of escalators on the left hand side. Go up for a nice air conditioned/heated lounge area. Go down for the grocery section of the department store, more omiyage (gifts) and Starbucks.


Lounge area with some seating and a nice view of downtown Nagano City.


Starbucks outside on the Zenkoji Exit side on the ground floor (accessible from inside the department store or outside).


Around the corner from Starbucks is an all you can eat pancake restaurant with a drink included for just 800 yen!


Down the escalator towards the Nagano Dentetsu Line, there is a nice bakery/pastry shop for a quick snack or sandwich.